Arbitration costs

Pursuant to the provisions of the UNUM Arbitration Rules (article 7) the arbitration costs consist of administrative costs, the arbitrators’ fees and disbursements, and other costs.

The appointed arbitrators shall work on the basis of an hourly fee as fixed and published by UNUM’s management board, unless the parties and the arbitrators jointly agree otherwise in writing. The arbitrators shall immediately inform UNUM if fees different to those fixed and published by UNUM are agreed.

In order to promote transparency and to charge a realistic amount of administration costs in relation to the workload of UNUM’s secretariat, these costs are made dependent on the duration of the proceedings and the size of data that are stored in the digital file.

Fixed adminstration costs in the amount of EUR 950.00 are due in all cases.

UNUM will charge these fixed costs when arbitration proceedings have been commenced.

Additional administration costs will be charged on basis of time spent by the arbitrator or arbitrators. These costs will be calculated when arbitrators have charged their costs to the relevant party or parties. Costs for actual data storage will be calculated accordingly.

Arbitrators’ fees and disbursements as well as the flexible administration costs and costs for actual data storage will be paid from advance payments that will be requested from the parties.

As from 1 July 2021, the following flexible administration costs (amount to be charged per hour spent by arbitrators) and arbitrators’ fees apply to new cases:

Amount of claim Flexible administration costs
(per hour spent by arbitrators)
Arbitrator’s hourly fees
< EUR 50,000 EUR 7 EUR 125.00
EUR 50,001 < EUR 250,000 EUR 13 EUR 225.00
EUR 250,001 < EUR 500,000 EUR 13 EUR 250.00
EUR 500,001 < EUR 1,000,000 EUR 18 EUR 265.00
EUR 1,000,000 < EUR 5,000,000 EUR 18 EUR 280.00
> EUR 5,000,000 EUR 18 EUR 300.00
undetermined EUR 13 EUR 250.00

For data storage following amounts will be due:

First three months upon commencement of the arbitration proceedings:
free of charge for a maximum of 6 users and a maximum of 500 MB data storage.

After three months upon the date of commencement of arbitration proceedings following amounts are due on a monthly basis:
EUR 75,00 for maximum of 6 users. Each extra user: EUR 25,00.
EUR 50,00 for data storage that exceeds 500 MB (500 MB < 1 GB). EUR 50,00 for data storage that exceeds 1 GB (1 GB < 2 GB). EUR 25,00 per GB for storage that exceeds 2 GB. Copy of the digital file on a suitable storage medium (DVD, USB) when proceedings have been finalized: EUR 150.00. All amounts exclusive VAT.

Applicable tarriffs for arbitration proceedings that were commenced in the period 12 September 2018 – 30 June 2021 can be found on the download page.