Although UNUM arbitrators take care to conduct arbitration proceedings properly, complaints may arise in this regard. Article III of the rules explains how a complaint about the conduct of one or more arbitrators must be submitted and how the complaint will be handled.

If a dispute arises among one or more parties and arbitrators about the arbitration costs, the management board of UNUM will rule on this issue. The board of UNUM shall give a binding ruling, to which the parties and arbitrators will accordingly be bound.

If the board of UNUM is of the opinion that it is unable to quickly and simply give a binding ruling, it shall be entitled to appoint a third party charged with giving a binding ruling, who will settle the dispute in this manner. The parties and arbitrators among whom the dispute exists will bear the costs of the third party charged with giving a binding ruling. Article V of the rules lays down the formal procedure for handling complaints about arbitration costs.