Contractual provisions for dispute resolution

No matter how well arrangements are recorded in commercial contracts, a dispute can still arise with your contracting partner. It is therefore advisable to also make provision in that contract for the resolution of any disputes.

UNUM arbitration is a modern and professional way to settle disputes at a reasonable cost. If you decide to choose UNUM arbitration for dispute resolution, you can include the following clause in your contract:

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be referred to arbitration in Rotterdam in accordance with the UNUM arbitration rules.

Speedy dispute resolution at reasonable cost

Arbitral awards are enforceable in more than 150 jurisdictions under the New York Convention (1958), which includes countries that are not a party to bilateral judicial enforcement treaties. In the light of political developments worldwide and in particular, in Europe, it is noticeable that an arbitral award will be enforceable in the United Kingdom even since the United Kingdom is no longer an EU member.

By choosing UNUM arbitration, you are opting for qualitative and speedy dispute resolution at a reasonable cost.

Professional, transparent, independent and reliable

UNUM Transport Arbitration & Mediation stands for a professional, transparent, independent and reliable platform that might unite parties in finding a solution to resolve their dispute in mediation or provide a decision by rendering an arbitral award in order to relieve parties from an unresolved issue. UNUM offers a platform and services for professional specialised extrajudicial dispute resolution in shipping, shipbuilding, transport, logistics, and international trade.