Submit a new case

Notice of arbitration must be given to the other party or parties in writing with a brief description of the dispute. The notice shall specify the subject(s) which the party requesting arbitration wishes to submit to arbitration. A copy of the arbitration notice can be uploaded here to inform Unum’s secretary. In accordance with the Unum arbitration rules arbitration is only commenced on the date that copy of the notice is received by Unum. Please note that any party that wishes to commence arbitration proceedings under Unum arbitration rules is responsible itself for sending the notice of arbitration to the counterparty with copy to Unum.

A request to commence mediation can be uploaded here by one party or joint parties. Please make sure that any other party involved in the dispute at stake will be informed by the party or parties that lodge the request for meditation with Unum. The request should include name and full style of the parties involved as well as a brief description of the subject(s) that parties wish to submit to mediation.

You will receive an automatic reply, if your uploaded notice or request has been received.

    (PDF, max 12Mb)