Knowledge driven lunch meeting about litigation and arbitration in Rotterdam

UNUM has been invited by the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community to participate in a knowledge driven lunch meeting that will be held on November 15 in London. During the lunch various experts will elaborate about the advantages of dispute resolution in Rotterdam.

Speakers include Christine Sikkel, (senior judge at the maritime chamber of the Rotterdam court), Marcel Verhagen (Chairman UNUM) and James M. Turner (barrister in London as well as UNUM arbitrator).

Maritime business services

Erik Witjens, Chairman of the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC) will provide a brief introduction of the cluster of maritime business services featured in the Rotterdam region. Next James Turner will shine a light on the differences between Dutch/continental and UK maritime law in his keynote. He will be followed by judge Christine Sikkel, and Marcel Verhagen will outline possibilities of litigation and arbitration in Rotterdam.

Enhancing cooperation and knowledge exchange

The event will be hosted by the Netherlands Embassy in London and the NBSO Manchester in collaboration with the Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe network. An excellent opportunity for the Rotterdam and London featured strong and knowledgeable clusters of maritime business services providers. Creating the perfect opportunity to enhance cooperation and knowledge exchange between UK and Dutch experts in maritime legal practice. Attendance is only by invitation.