Why pay attention to arbitration clauses in maritime and trade contracts?

Arbitration constitutes a much broader and, in international maritime and trade matters, more efficient dispute resolution system than the public courts system. The dispute is furthermore administered under confidentiality. However make sure to make the right choice about which clause to include in your contracts. It is important to understand the benefits of choosing to include or maintain the UNUM arbitration clause in your contract.

Traditionally, common law jurisdictions and London are given as the standard in many contracts. However the Dutch approach and legal infrastructure are far faster, more practical, and more efficient, with substantial advantages that make arbitration through the Dutch system a great alternative for court proceedings.

Legal certainty

Arbitration judgements are enforceable in jurisdictions in more than 150 countries (New York Convention 1958), which includes countries that do not possess bilateral judicial enforcement treaties. Making it easier to enforce rulings, as they are less likely to be hampered by local rules and regulations, which enhances economic security for both parties.

UNUM Transport Arbitration and Mediation

UNUM offers a platform and services for professional specialised extrajudicial dispute resolution in shipping, shipbuilding, transport, logistics, and international trade.

When you include the UNUM arbitration clause in your contract you can rely on professional, transparent, efficient, and speedy dispute resolution with high quality results. Our meditators and arbitrators are international professionals. They are engaged, knowledgeable, neutral, impartial, and result oriented. This opens the door to quick and cost-effective dispute resolution.

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