Vivid discussions and knowledge sharing during UNUM seminar

UNUM organized a seminar on 8 November 2023 during Europort 2023 in Rotterdam Ahoy. With the seminar UNUM aimed at providing insights into how different methods of dispute resolution lead to different outcomes. The setup of the afternoon and presentations created an interactive atmosphere. That allowed for vivid discussions and proper knowledge sharing.

The objective of the workshop was to elaborate on three types of dispute resolution: the state court, arbitration and mediation, and to discuss what type of dispute resolution is most suitable in which situation. For this purpose, UNUM invited three speakers: Willem Sprenger, Max van Leyenhorst and Marc Padberg. On behalf of UNUM, Marieke van den Dool and Eveline Fetter acted as moderators.

Interactive program

By means of introduction to the three forms of dispute resolution, the speakers each held a short presentation on one type of dispute resolution. The speakers invited attendees to ask questions during these presentations. Making the afternoon very interactive from the start.

UNUM is pleased to see that the participants were genuinely interested and engaged in the discussion. Topics included how to prove an arbitration agreement (can this be done with, for instance, an email or Whatsapp message) and the option of Mediation-Arbitration and Arbitration-Mediation.

After the presentations and a short break, the moderators introduced a ship building case and questions in that regard on Mentimeter which the attendees could answer with their phone. This resulted in proper discussions regarding, for example, choice of forum and to what extend foreign law can be applied in the different types of dispute resolution.

Maritime networking

After a very constructive and informative afternoon everybody had the chance to meet each other and discuss further with a drink. UNUM looks back at a successful and inspiring knowledge sharing event.

The seminar was part of the Europort 2023 program. Europort is the leading international maritime exhibition and meeting place for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding. With an average of 25,000 professional visitors and 1,000 exhibiting companies Europort belongs to the world’s largest maritime meeting & knowledge sharing B2B platforms.