Choose your best fit, appoint your own arbitrator

The goal of UNUM is to serve parties to solve possible disputes in an effective manner with high quality results. Therefore UNUM provides a list of arbitrators to help parties on their way. Professionals with a proven track record, at the ready to handle your case. However, when parties prefer to appoint their own arbitrator to ensure the best fit, they are free to do so. As long as the arbitrator of choice is able to act independently and impartially.

Under the UNUM Arbitration Rules parties have the opportunity to choose the best possible arbitrator for their particular case. Whether or not the preferred arbitrator is listed on the UNUM website, all arbitrators have to confirm the following terms in writing when they will handle a case under the UNUM Arbitration Rules:

  • I accept to serve as arbitrator under and in accordance with the applicable UNUM Arbitration Rules. I confirm that I am familiar with these Rules.
  • I accept the fees as published on the UNUM website. I shall not charge any additional fees or office costs. I shall provide parties and the UNUM secretariat a full specification of time spent on this case along with my invoice(s). Disbursements, if any, shall be substantiated. I shall submit my invoice(s) to the party or parties when an (interim) arbitral award will be rendered or when the arbitration will be cancelled.
  • I confirm my consent to any information UNUM has about me being processed by UNUM for the purposes of rendering its services to all parties that (intend to) make use of those services, inclusive publication of my name, contact details and general professional information about me on the UNUM website, inclusive the electronic filing system.
  • I agree that the proceedings should not take more time than reasonably practicable and I confirm that I have sufficient time available to contribute to smooth proceedings.
  • I have noted which parties are involved in this case and I confirm that I am impartial and independent and intend to remain so.

The full procedure of appointing arbitrators can be found in article 3 of the UNUM Arbitration Rules. In order to serve the needs of parties even more, UNUM is looking to include additional arbitrators with an international (non-Dutch) background on the list of available arbitrators.

Professional, transparent, independent and reliable

UNUM Transport Arbitration & Mediation stands for a professional, transparent, independent and reliable platform that might unite parties in finding a solution to resolve their dispute in mediation or provide a decision by rendering an arbitral award in order to relieve parties from an unresolved issue. UNUM offers a platform and services for professional specialised extrajudicial dispute resolution in shipping, shipbuilding, transport, logistics, and international trade.