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Some remarks regarding fraud and corruption in arbitration

After two years of absence, the Dutch Arbitration Association will hold its eighth conference on Thursday 2nd of June 2022. During this year’s Dutch Arbitration Day, fraud and corruption in arbitration will be discussed in a broad sense, as fraud and corruption can occur in various ways and contexts. It will be discussed why it […]

What will we focus on in the coming period?

UNUM Arbitration & Mediation makes itself heard again. We would like to show you the possibilities of settling disputes through UNUM by means of arbitration or mediation. And, of course, we will be highlighting developments in the field of dispute resolution, both in the Netherlands and internationally. What will we focus on in the coming […]

New insights on arbitration after EVER GIVEN – new date for this seminar: 21 April 2022

The Maritime and Transport Committee of the Dutch Arbitration Association and UNUM are jointly organizing an interesting seminar, which will be held April 21, 2022 in The Hague. The language of the seminar will be Dutch. This seminar was scheduled for November 18, 2021 but due to applicable COVID-2019 measures the seminar had to be […]

James Turner: successful international arbitration is about bridging cultural differences

To build bridges between (international) parties in dispute, knowledge, experience and a sensitivity to cultural differences are key elements for success. According to James Turner, barrister at Quadrant Chambers in London, the quality of international arbitration is highly dependent on these traits. Turner has been a barrister since 1990 and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in […]

E-arbitration and hearings with online support

UNUM offers an online arbitration platform since the year 2008. This platform facilitates faster and more efficient arbitration proceedings. UNUM was one of the early adopters, if not the first, of this form of E-arbitration. Based on experience from the various users of the E-arbitration facility since its introduction, UNUM developed an even more user […]