Topnotch E-arbitration platform

Arbitration is a manner to resolve disputes by one or more private persons acting as a judge (the arbitrators). For years UNUM has been offering offline and online e-arbitration procedures to support the arbitration process. In essence there is no difference between the two. The only distinction is the way of communication between parties and arbitrators involved. Since 2008 the UNUM online secure environment has proven itself as a robust and topnotch platform.

In 2008 UNUM was one of the first to offer an online arbitration platform. Only the parties and arbitrators involved in specific arbitration proceedings can access this environment with their passwords. All documents are managed digitally, which saves copying costs and postage. According to the applicable arbitration rules all cases are dealt with as E-arbitration.

Why E-arbitration?

  • E-arbitrage is particularly time and cost saving.
  • Parties and arbitrators as well as the secretariat of UNUM can share their correspondence, invoices and documents in a secure part of the UNUM website.
  • Each arbitration case can be approached via unique passwords only and stakeholders have access to arbitration documents of their own case only.
  • All stakeholders of a case get automatically notified by e-mail when new documents in a specific arbitration file have been uploaded. Arbitration proceedings can therefore be conducted effectively and quickly.
  • Anywhere in the world all documents will be available simultaneously.
  • Providing documents in five hard copies and paying courier expenses will not be needed anymore, resulting in significant time and cost savings.
  • Based on experience of users of the system the dashboard for using E-arbitration will be updated on a regular basis, resulting in improvement of the system.
  • The UNUM arbitration rules now prescribe use of E-arbitration as standard way of conducting the proceedings.
  • If required, parties may get a digital copy of the complete E-arbitration file upon finalizing of the proceedings.

Professional, transparent, independent and reliable

UNUM Transport Arbitration & Mediation stands for a professional, transparent, independent and reliable platform that might unite parties in finding a solution to resolve their dispute in mediation or provide a decision by rendering an arbitral award in order to relieve parties from an unresolved issue. UNUM offers a platform and services for professional specialised extrajudicial dispute resolution in shipping, shipbuilding, transport, logistics, and international trade.

When you include the UNUM arbitration clause in your contract you can rely on professional, transparent, efficient, and speedy dispute resolution with high quality results. Our meditators and arbitrators are international professionals. They are engaged, knowledgeable, neutral, impartial, and result oriented. This opens the door to quick and cost-effective dispute resolution.