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Choose your best fit, appoint your own arbitrator

The goal of UNUM is to serve parties to solve possible disputes in an effective manner with high quality results. Therefore UNUM provides a list of arbitrators to help parties on their way. Professionals with a proven track record, at the ready to handle your case. However, when parties prefer to appoint their own arbitrator […]

Vivid discussions and knowledge sharing during UNUM seminar

UNUM organized a seminar on 8 November 2023 during Europort 2023 in Rotterdam Ahoy. With the seminar UNUM aimed at providing insights into how different methods of dispute resolution lead to different outcomes. The setup of the afternoon and presentations created an interactive atmosphere. That allowed for vivid discussions and proper knowledge sharing. The objective […]

Europort Seminar: Profitability and dispute resolution

Differences between the public court, mediation and arbitration When it comes to dispute resolution different approaches might lead to similar outcomes. With different risk profiles in relation to public exposure, financial implications, enforceability and ultimately the profitability of a project. Or even a company in general. Join UNUM on November 8 for an insightful seminar […]

How to commence arbitration proceedings?

Even when parties have recorded arrangements meticulously in contracts it is possible that disputes arise. In the case provisions for arbitration through UNUM have been included in the contract you can consider to commence arbitration proceedings.  In order to do this a notice of arbitration must be given to the counter party in writing with […]

Contractual provisions for dispute resolution

No matter how well arrangements are recorded in commercial contracts, a dispute can still arise with your contracting partner. It is therefore advisable to also make provision in that contract for the resolution of any disputes. UNUM arbitration is a modern and professional way to settle disputes at a reasonable cost. If you decide to […]

Nine reasons to choose for UNUM arbitration

Are you looking for a form of extrajudicial dispute resolution to achieve speedy and high-quality results in settling disputes? Than arbitration might be your best option. UNUM is an advocate of well-considered decisions about how to resolve (possible) disputes between parties. Preferably in the contract phase. In some cases the public court might be the best […]

Topnotch E-arbitration platform

Arbitration is a manner to resolve disputes by one or more private persons acting as a judge (the arbitrators). For years UNUM has been offering offline and online e-arbitration procedures to support the arbitration process. In essence there is no difference between the two. The only distinction is the way of communication between parties and […]

UNUM sponsors Dutch Arbitration Day 2023

Recently UNUM announced to sponsor this year’s Dutch Arbitration Day. The anual conference and networking dinner ar organised by Dutch Arbitration Association on Thursday 1 June 2023. This year’s conference will focus on the topic of challenging and enforcing awards, which will be addressed from a variety of perspectives. In celebration of the DAA’s 10th […]

UNUM re-announces candidacy ICMA XXIII

UNUM re-announces its candidacy to bring the 2025 edition of the International Congress of Maritime Arbitrators (ICMA) to Rotterdam, the maritime capital of Europe. The biannual congres is one of the most important events for maritime and commercial arbitrators. It proves to be a suitable forum for maritime arbitrators, lawyers and the global shipping industry […]

UNUM – a renowned foundation for dispute resolution

Unum is a renowned foundation for dispute resolution that has offered a platform for conducting professional arbitration proceedings in the areas of shipping, shipbuilding, transport, storage, logistics and international trade for 35 years. It was set up in the year 1988 (named TAMARA arbitration) as an alternative for more traditional arbitration institutions in London and […]

Lodewijk Wisse: An efficient way to settle shipping disputes at reasonable cost

Lodewijk Wisse, Senior Policy Advisor Fiscal and Legal Affairs at the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners, is a strong supporter of arbitration as a means for resolving shipping disputes. Here, he elaborates on his perspective, and explains why (Dutch) shipowners need to be aware which national law they incorporate into their contracts and why they […]

Willem van Baren: successful arbitration relies on knowing how the wheels turn

As a true beta with skilful hands, Willem van Baren trained as a dentist and worked in private practice, while simultaneously pursuing a law degree to satisfy his appetite for intellectual challenges. He went on to attain a degree in health policy at Harvard. And that led him ultimately to change careers to become a […]

The difference between mediation and arbitration

Mediation and arbitration might be considered complementary procedures. If parties cannot obtain an agreement on settlement of their dispute by mediation, they can proceed to arbitration. Arbitration proceedings will result in an arbitral award, which is legally binding. Mediation is a dynamic, structured, interactive process where a neutral third party, the mediator, assists disputing parties […]

Maritime legal options in Rotterdam as attractive alternative for London

On Wednesday 15 November various UNUM experts participated in a knowledge driven lunch meeting in London that was organised by the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC). During the well visited lunch the legal options in Rotterdam were presented as an attractive alternative for London to an international group of legal experts. After a warm welcome […]

Lotte Schat: carefully-considered arbitration provisions deliver competitive advantage

Lotte Schat is an experienced contract and litigation lawyer at AKD Netherlands, specializing in the manufacturing industry, maritime contracting, shipbuilding and yacht building. She served previously as General Counsel for a large Dutch shipyard. This combination gives her first-hand experience and knowledge on the need to include and maintain carefully-considered arbitration provisions in contracts, and […]

Why pay attention to arbitration clauses in maritime and trade contracts?

Arbitration constitutes a much broader and, in international maritime and trade matters, more efficient dispute resolution system than the public courts system. The dispute is furthermore administered under confidentiality. However make sure to make the right choice about which clause to include in your contracts. It is important to understand the benefits of choosing to […]

Knowledge driven lunch meeting about litigation and arbitration in Rotterdam

UNUM has been invited by the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community to participate in a knowledge driven lunch meeting that will be held on November 15 in London. During the lunch various experts will elaborate about the advantages of dispute resolution in Rotterdam. Speakers include Christine Sikkel, (senior judge at the maritime chamber of the Rotterdam […]

New members UNUM executive board

On October 4 the UNUM executive board welcomed two new members. After having been involved with the growth of UNUM for a number of years, Eveline Jacobs, Michael Hajdasinski and Rene Bruijne recently stepped down. Therefore UNUM is happy to announce that Marieke van den Dool and Eveline Fetter will fill up the seats to […]